Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Where Did the Day Go????

Today has gone by soooooo fast! Of course, as most of you know I do work full time outside of my home-(9 hour days) as an office manager and I have 2 girls under me--well both girls needed off today so I was by myself, and of course my boss was there to help answer phones. But not only are we an extremely busy office, but we also have a tanning business and a laundromat. The laundromat is self serve so that requires very little attention, but the tanning booths are full service. When I got there this morning there were no appointments-NONE-Zilch! So I thought well that's good-than I can tend to my normal duties and not worry. WRONG! It's like everyone wanted to tan today. Than on top of that I have payroll to do too-and answer phones, pay bills, etc. etc. etc. So needless to say the day went fast. Than I get home and I have a page or two I want to get finished so I can post them to my blog here and the phone keeps ringing. First call wants to take a survey on what kind of tv shows we watch-told him I don't have time, but thank you for calling and click I hang up!LOL!! Than the Sheriff's Association wants a donation-can't give right now but thanks for calling-click hang up!LOL! Than I got two more calls--now mind you, I am on the NO-CALL list for these telemarketing companies-so why am I getting all these calls!!??LOL! I don't get it--why have a no-call list if they can still call you??? Well enough of that-let's get onto some fun things.

Jazzy at DSO has some new wordart going up in the store tomorrow and here are the previews for them.

You can purchase them here.
I just love her wordart!! Here are a couple pages I made with the new wordart.

I used some goodies from Kimb's new grab bag too. She has the full reveal listed on her blog go check it out!!! She has such beautiful CU stuff. And I used some elements from her and Bunny's "I Believe kit" too. The WA on this page is from "When You Dance" set. The picture is of 3 of my dear sweet granddaughters.

This one I made for the Jazzy's photo op challenge at DSO. The challenge is about making a page where you have to alter the photo in some way-in this case I actually blended two photos together-the first photo is with the bee and the thistle. I duplicated the layer and reduced the opacity-than used an eraser to uncover just the bee and thistle so they would pop-the second photo was of the dog laying in the grass-I again duplicated the photo and lowered the opacity and erased the dog part so he pop a little and than did some blending to blend both photos together so they looked like one. It was a lot of fun!! You definately need to go check out that challenge, because they describe what they did to the photo so you are getting some really good tips on photo editing!! They would sure love to have you join in on the challenges. Kim does the color challenge and that one is pretty popular. She gives you a color swatch and you have to make a LO using those colors, or mini kit if you would like, and let me tell you the mini kits that everyone makes turns into one huge MEGA kit for the month--plus you get the posting gift from Kim for joining in the fun. Now how can you beat that??LOL!!! Go check out the color challenge here and here are the colors she's using this month and the posting gift too.
What's great about this challenge is you can use the freebie mini kits posted for the challenge to make your page with-than you get the free posting gift as well. Can't beat that!!!:) Well I'm off to bed now so until next time take care and have fun!!


O2BNGdHope said...

Hey, PK! Just stopped in to check out what you've been doing. Love the new layouts, girl! Great job on that blending work.

Jazzy said...

Hi girl..great reading today..luv it..just got home from Angies and have been catching up..if I dont post on all just know Ive read them and think they are great..and thanks for all the beautiful pages you have made using my word really make it stand out..
and for those of you who have never talked to Paula...this is exactly the way she talks on the luv ya gf

Bunny Cates said...

who's a blogger now! Look at you go! lol... congrats on the new blog! Thank you for this post too.. reminds we why Im glad I retired early! lol....