Friday, November 27, 2009

New DSO CC Freebie

Hi Everyone!!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. My Thanksgiving was great and there is nothing like good food and family bonding! Food was great and we had lots family fun.

First I have to show you the LO I made for SBM's (scrapbookmax) Designer challenge. This is a picture of my great-niece. It was such a perfect picture I couldn't help but scrap it. I hope I am one of the challenge winners, but even if I am not I can honestly say it was a grand effort!! LOL! Hope you love it as much as I do!!

Well I am getting in just under the gun here. I didn't know if I would get this done in time for the color challenge at DSO-but finally got it put together. Now this is really a MINI kit this time-but I wanted to contribute in honor of my good friend Kim so I finished it. Everything I used to make the kit is from Kimb designs. Hope you enjoy it. Here is the preview of what you get and there is one download link.
Here is the link. **Link Expired**
Well that is it for today! Have a great weekend!
Take Care and have fun!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Birthday Celebration and Sales!!

Today is the birthday of a very good friend of mine and one of the MOST BESTEST designers on the web. I just LOVE her creations and her personality is like no other! Please wish Kimb a very happy birthday!!!! And like every other year when it comes to her birthday she likes to celebrate BIG!!! She is having a huge sale at both DSO and DSV (digiscrapvault) She has made some awsome goodies for everyone!!!! She has both CU and PU grab bags on sale and they are loaded with goodies!! Not only that but her store is on sale at 50% off through November 15th.

CU bag#1 has Christmas themed items in it!!
Here is a LO that one of her CT's (Ruthy) made for her using the birthday kit. She is also offering it as a QP!! How cool is that!! You can find it on Ruthy's blog here. There are lots of other freebies being offered by Kim's CT and you should head on over to Kim's blog and wish her a happy birthday and check out what some of the freebies are!!! There will be gifts all week. So don't miss out and head on over there.

And I made this LO of our GGD using the birthday kit on sale at DSO. I absolutely love this kit! I love the colors and I love the theme!! And it is only $3.50!!!!
AND I also used some of Jazzy's wordart. And the great news is she too is running a sale on her entire store!!! She really appreciates all of her customers and decided she wanted to run a Customer Appreciation sale and her entire store is on sale too for 50% off. So if you have eyed some of her WA and have wanted to purchase it--now is the time!!!!! She has some beautiful stuffies!!!

And that also includes her new WA set that she made that goes with Kim's new kit "Christmas Candy".

You should also stop by her blog and check out some of the LO's her CT makes from her WA and see some gifty's she has given away as well.
If you made it this far I do want to thank you for your dedication in reading my ramblings!!! I appreciate each and every one of my visitors and I hope to have some more gifts for you soon.
Till next time take care and have fun!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I Missed Everyone!!

Helloooooo! I am back and I have sure missed all of you!!! Life has been sooooo busy. I have pretty much given up my manager/secretary position at the elderly apartment complex and finishing training my replacement! I am sooooo releived to give that up. We have also bought a new home and I am so excited to have something that is ours!!! I absolutely love it and love where we moved to. Lots of friendly neighbors. The only down side is that I now have to drive to work again and deal with the snow and ice. I have walked to work for the past 5 years and that was great---but I will gladly drive!!

I am trying to get back into my scrapping passion. So to start with I have made some papers and two elements for the DSO Color Challenge this month. And I have also made a LO for the altered photo challenge there too. I am really looking forward to getting back into things and hopefully will be posting a lot more regular. Here are the previews of my giftys for everyone.

Here are the 4shared links for you so you can download them if you like.

Paperpak 1 w/2 elements ****Link Expired***

Paperpak 2 **Link Expired**

I used my color challenge kit to make this LO for the altered photo challenge , as well as Jazz's wordart Jean genie.

and as an extra bonus I am offering this as a QP as well. Just click the preview for the download link.

Well girls thats it for today. Again IT FEELS GOOD TO BE BACK!!

Till next time take care and have fun!

Friday, July 24, 2009

New Page for you

This is going to be a short post for me, but I promise to be back soon! I have been MIA for quite some time and I am hoping to get back into the swing of things sooooooon! I will explain more about that on my next post--but I really want to get this in for KimB, Bunny and Jazzy!

Kim's new bag is up for sale starting today and I just wanted to make sure everyone saw it so they could run and get this amazing bag while it is on SALE!! This time it is a collab bag with Bunny.

A bag FULL of High Quality Commercial Use OK tools and designer resources. This bag is jam packed with 9 full sized products- (52 items in all) You can't beat that! Less than $1 per full PRODUCT Don’t miss it! All have been Quality checked, free of strays and jaggy's.
ALL this for ONLY $8!!!!!

I have made a Layout for you so that you can see some of the goodies that are in this awesome bag. I also used WA by Wordstodelite (Jazzy) called "Words About Life" which you can find in the store at DSO as well.
Now to show you my LO!!!!!!

Well that's it for today. I told you it would be short!!hahaha! But I promise to get back soon. I have been working on Kim's July color challenge at DSO too--so I will have some goodies for everyone.

Until than take care and have fun!!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

I'm Back!! And with a FREEBIE for you!!

Hi Everyone!!

First I want to thank everyone for their kind words while I have been gone. It has been an extremely long and hard winter for me and I have been so very depressed. But I'm finally on the mend, and excited about getting back into my passion of digi scrapping. I feel like I forgot how to do all this blogging stuff--and I have so much to post!! I think that I will have to do it in several different posts so I don't overwhelm you!! LOL!

First of all I have to get this plug in for Kim Broedelet's new cu mini grab bag #3 still on sale today ONLY $4.00. There are 4 quality designer resources in there for personal or commercial use. Today is the last day you can get it for that price, than it is gone!!

Also Bunny has one too this weekend. They are both soooooo worth the money!!

Mini CU Grab BAG #2
4 quality designer resources for only $4, that works out to only $1 per product. Personal and Commercial Use OK Valid only from 5th- 7th June. Don't MISS it as it's only available this weekend. Gone on Monday morning! Same as Kim's and both are only $4.00!!

Another thing I want to shout about is the June color challenge at DSO. DSO's Kim Broedelets' color challenges are my favorites! She has such a talent for picking colors for a swatch and I just love working with them. By the end of every month you will have one MEGA kit for free from all the challenge participants--it's awesome!! I made a mini kit for the challenge again. It has 6 papers and 3 elements to it, and I made it with things from Kims mini CU grab bag #3. So this gives you an idea of the kinds of things you will find in her kit!:) Here is a preview of my mini kit and just click on the link to 4 shared to get it.

Download here: ***LINK EXPIRED***
And here is the LO I made with my kit and also a lot of other goodies from the other wonderful giving ladies who participated in the challenge by making mini kits and I also used some goodies from Kim's posting gift too!!! The wordart is from a very talented Jazzy at DSO. It is from her "Funky Love Lines" set.

These are our 2 great grandchildren! They are soooooo adorable. Ohhhh--I could keep going here. But I will save it for another day.:) LOL! Come back soon because I do have another freebie for you on my next post as well.

Till next time take care, be safe and have FUN!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Color Challenge Freebie

Hi everyone! Things have been crazy busy for me. Work is busy and I have had to put overtime in and plus I am still trying to get caught up on things at home. Plus I have been just plain down in the dumps lately. As we get older life is supposed to get better, but I often find that it gets harder to deal with things. So I took some time out to play a little in hopes that it helps get me out of the dumpy mood. I have made a kit for Kim's color challenge at DSO. Of course I got carried away with designing things for the kit. It has 18 papers and 24 elements. So there are quite a few downloads. If you like it you can find the download links under the preview.Papers01 ****LINKS EXPIRED*****

All I ask is that you leave a little love when you download. I love to read all the comments.

I would also like to ask you all to say a prayer for my good friend Jazzy, her mother is in the hospital on a bipap machine, and Jazzy can't go to see her because she too is struggling with getting over her illness as well. They could sure use some prayers right now. I'm praying for you and your mother my good friend. Can't wait for you to get better, I miss you!

Also I have to show you Kim's new kit. It's part of her friends series, and this one is called "Roche"-it's gorgeous!!!!! I am just amazed at the beauty of this kit. And best of all it is still on sale at DSO. Just click on the preview to go to her store at DSO.

Well that's it for today. Till next time take care and have fun.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Hello everyone!! Hope everyone is doing well and I bet most of you are gearing up or already watching the super bowl game. I myself don't even turn it on because it's not anything I get interested in. For those of you who do I hope you have fun and may your favorite team win!!

I have been playing around with some new techniques that I have been learning. I am always looking to learn new techniques and easier ways of doing things. I can oftentimes figure something out but it takes me forever to do it, and than along comes a tutorial that shows me how much easier it is to do. Anyone who has Photoshop and is looking to learn new techniques should go check out the tutorials at designer digitals. Cassie Jones has some really awesome tutorials and her instructions are so easy to follow. I have made two LO's this weekend and they are both done using two different tuts from Cassie. I know that I will need more practice but these are my first attempts following the instructions, and as I use the tuts more I will come up with some of my own interesting twists.

This first LO is made using Cassie Jones tutorial spot coloring and custom overlays. I really like how this turned out and I learned a simpler way of spot coloring-and I even created an overlay out of Jazz's Words to delite new WA set "Girl Power". You can find the WA set exclusively at DSO ( I also used Kim's new kit "Hearty Tarty" which is also available exclusively at DSO.

Here's the second one I did. This one I used Cassie's tutorial "extractions with dimension." I again used Jazzy's new WA set "Girl Power" and I also used papers from Deanne Gow-Smiths kits "Pink Lemonade and Lilac Whisper" recolored. Both kits can be found at ScrapbookMax. The paper tab with the WA on it and the flower clip and the hanging heart are from the collab kit from Chaos Lounge and Bonnie VanEsch called "Chic Shack", and last I used the scallop paper template, stitching, pin up vintage frames and carefree tag by Katie Pertiet. With every tutorial you get from Cassie it has a mini kit from Katie.

Well that's it for today. Hope you all have a great day and hopefully I will get some freebies done for everyone in the near future. I know that I have been slacking on that, but I am still working on my backed up paperwork and things at work have been relentless. Hope to talk to you all soon.


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Girl Power

Hi everyone. Time sure does slip by in a hurry. When I was a child and complained about how I couldn't wait til I was 16--than I couldn't wait til I was 21 my mom would always say don't be in such a big hurry to grow up because when you get to be my age the time just seems to zoom by; and those words sure do ring true. Anymore it sure is true about the time zooming by. It goes so fast I can't even catch my breath!!! hahahaha! Mother always seems to know best!! I have been working on catching up with things that I have to get done for my housing job and there just isn't time for anything else at the moment. So today is going to be a short post--I just want to show you some new things going in the store at DSO and a little eye candy.

Jazzy has been really busy and she has another new WA set going up in the store today called "Girl Power" and it is another very cute set.

This is the perfect set of WA for all your little girl and big girl layouts!! And her other new set, which has been in the store a few days now is called "Funky Love Lines" and this is a little different from most WA sets but it has soooooo many uses that you shouldn't be without it.

Her entire store is on sale until midnight tonight and you should go check it out---that INCLUDES her new wordart too!!

Here are a couple of LO's I have done too that I would love to show you.

This one is made with Kim's new kit "Hearty Tarty" and Jazz's WA funky love lines. I used a template by Rakkety Scrappety. I love how this turned out. You should get on over to DSO and see what Kim has too. Because I also used some of Kim's new CU items in this LO and believe me they are gorgeous!!! Here take a look.

These are also on sale at DSO. Click on previews to pick these goodies up. One thing about the items you can purchase at DSO is they are top quality items. They go through a vigorous quality check and you won't find any strays in their things. They are a very talented group of girls and their stuff is top quality.

Well that's all I have for today. Will talk to you soon.


Monday, January 19, 2009

Kimb's New Kit

Good morning everyone!!! Sorry for my absence, but I have been sick and now I have lots and lots of catching up to do, but I wanted to plug Kimb's new kit on sale at DSO and show you the LO I made from the kit. I know it's late in the month but how was everyone's holiday?? Mine was very nice except the weather was terrible with snow storm after snow storm. So it made it impossible for us to make our trip to Iowa to do Christmas with our kids in Iowa. So we were going to go this weekend, but we have had a death in the family and my hubby has left today for Iowa to go for the funeral. I am unable to take off of work for this, so he took the Christmas presents with him and will do Christmas for the two of us. My boss is on vacation in Florida, and it's payroll week and there isn't anyone else that can do payroll besides me, so it makes it impossible for me to get off to go with him. But at least they will be able to spend time with hubby and open thier long awaited gifts. :) It breaks my heart that I am unable to make this trip, but they say things happen for a reason, and this must be one of those things.

Anyways, I would like to show you Kim's new kit called "Hearty Tarty"--it's adorable. The Kit is 25% off at the moment until the 25th Jan 09- so Grab it now while it's on SALE. Here are the previews for you to see how adorable it is!!

Papers:elements: And here is the LO I made from her new kit. I absolutely love her new kit and I think you will too.

I got my inspiration for this page from my friend and fellow CT member Beth Long, and come to find out she was inspired by 'Beautiful' by mspitzerova, so as you can see there are a few of us who loved her page Beautiful!!hahahaha! This is my dear GD and I love how this turned out.

Now I must also let you know about Jazzy's new wordart set up for sale at DSO. This set is called Humor Fest Ever wanted just a funny off the wall saying for a layout? Well, that's exactly what these 20 word art phrases are. All on individual png files. They can easily be recolored and resized to fit your needs. They can be used for cards or other craft projects.They are also done in 300 dpi for better print quality.

I haven't had the time to put together a LO for this yet, so I lifted O2BNGdHope (Melanie) page that she did, I just had to show you because it is sooooooo cute. This is her BIL riding one of the baby rides at Disney World.

Jazzy has also decided to celebrate the Inauguration of our new President with a Big Sale..for an entire week everything in her store will be on sale for 30% OFF so if you have been thinking of getting something now is the time. Don't miss her great sale!!! You can't beat the prices!!!!!

Well that's all I have for today!!! Hope to see you all again real soon. Till than take care and have fun!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Sorry for being MIA!!

Hi everyone!! So sorry for being MIA for so long. It started out as being busy for the holidays and getting everything ready for the holidays. But than right after New Years I got sooooo sick, and I am still fighting it. I have had such a terrible cold. I slept for the first three days, and than it's just been an uphill battle ever since. Coughing, aches and pains, stuffiness, chest pains, congestion--it's the worst cold I can ever remember having. Uugggghhhh! I had this ready to post before Christmas, but never did get the chance to do it---so here it is now, better late than not at all, right.??

Inspired Mommie's new kit Winter Wonderz. It is soooo cute and you can get it at Pretty Scrappy.

This kit is such a beautiful winter kit, but it can also be used for everyday LO's as well. I made a LO to show you how versatile the kit is. I used her WA on my LO as well.

As you can see this kit can be used in so many ways. And Crystal gave me permission to give you the QP of this LO so here is your freebie for today! Hope you enjoy it.

Just click on the preview to download.

Now for something new! Here is a LO I did using Jazz's" WordstoDelite" new wordart "Tiny Love Notes". You can find them on sale exclusively at DSO. I used a freebie QP by Raspberry Road as well called "Drawing Room".
Well that's all I have for today. Hopefully I will get back on my feet soon and can get back to creating some things. I just wanted to let you all know that I am still alive and kicking and I hope you like the free QP I was able to give you. As always if you download all I ask is that you leave me a comment--I LOVE reading all the comments and it also inspires me in my creations.
Till next time take care and have fun!!