Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Girl Power

Hi everyone. Time sure does slip by in a hurry. When I was a child and complained about how I couldn't wait til I was 16--than I couldn't wait til I was 21 my mom would always say don't be in such a big hurry to grow up because when you get to be my age the time just seems to zoom by; and those words sure do ring true. Anymore it sure is true about the time zooming by. It goes so fast I can't even catch my breath!!! hahahaha! Mother always seems to know best!! I have been working on catching up with things that I have to get done for my housing job and there just isn't time for anything else at the moment. So today is going to be a short post--I just want to show you some new things going in the store at DSO and a little eye candy.

Jazzy has been really busy and she has another new WA set going up in the store today called "Girl Power" and it is another very cute set.

This is the perfect set of WA for all your little girl and big girl layouts!! And her other new set, which has been in the store a few days now is called "Funky Love Lines" and this is a little different from most WA sets but it has soooooo many uses that you shouldn't be without it.

Her entire store is on sale until midnight tonight and you should go check it out---that INCLUDES her new wordart too!!

Here are a couple of LO's I have done too that I would love to show you.

This one is made with Kim's new kit "Hearty Tarty" and Jazz's WA funky love lines. I used a template by Rakkety Scrappety. I love how this turned out. You should get on over to DSO and see what Kim has too. Because I also used some of Kim's new CU items in this LO and believe me they are gorgeous!!! Here take a look.

These are also on sale at DSO. Click on previews to pick these goodies up. One thing about the items you can purchase at DSO is they are top quality items. They go through a vigorous quality check and you won't find any strays in their things. They are a very talented group of girls and their stuff is top quality.

Well that's all I have for today. Will talk to you soon.



Anonymous said...

Love the layouts Paula. Glad to see you are feeling a bit better too. Pop on over and check out the new sites.


Crystal said...

I have a really cool challenge for you on my blog. Check it out and have some fun.


Crops said...

Hellooooo Paula!!! Glad you updated your blog!!! Just stoppin by to say HI and I am thinking about ya...hope your feeling better!! xoxoxo