Monday, September 29, 2008


I bet that got your attention! At least I hope it did. My good friend and awesome designer Kim Broedelet EHD (external hard drive) has failed her. She unplugged it to plug it in to her DH computer so she could back it up to disks and when she plugged it back in she couldn't find anything on it. Her DH took a look too and he couldn't find anything either. So now she sent it into a recovery service where they try to recover as much data as they can. She said she lost about 3 months of work. You can go here to her blog and read about it. I know how devastated I would be if that happened to me. I can't emphasize enough how important it is to burn your stuff to disks for safe keeping. Kim does burn it to disks, but life gets so busy you don't always do it as often as you should and before you know it 3 months have passed. I know that I will be very busy burning to disks for the next few days. I know that it is time consuming, but it is oh sooo worth it.

I have been working on some LO's this week and I made a couple that are not my usual style, but I loved making them and I think they turned out pretty good. This first one is our granddaughter and great-grandson getting set for the first kiss-with sippy cup in hand and everything. This was such a cute picture and I couldn't wait to scrap it. Than Michelle McCoy (Wolvsie) came out with this new kit named "Joy"-it was perfect for this photo. You can find the kit at Crafty Scraps store. She also has a freebie QP using this kit on her blog. The wordart Adorable was a freebie from Jazzieal.
This next one is my grandson. I used an Illuminated brush and a heart brush, I made the BG paper, and the leafy cluster frame was a freebie from Kim Broedelet which you can find on her blog. And you can get the kit of 5 leafy clusters in her store at DSO. I can't remember where I got the WA so if anyone recognizes it please let me know so I can give proper credit.

My sister had sent me some pictures of her baby too. It's her Border Terrier and she is her spoiled baby.
She so loves her doggie-so I decided to make a page for her. Credits: Paper is from Kimb's CU grab bag on sale at DSO, I blended the first picture into the paper to give it some texture, the frame is a freebie from Jen at Chaos Lounge using Kims new grab bag, the "counting trash" alpha is by Katie Pertiet at designer digitals and the the wordart is from Jazzy's "Doggy Treats" set on sale at DSO.

Now I have one more I would like to show you. I made this one using a challenge freebie kit from Fiona Storey at ScrapbookMax. This was given to those of us who made or commented on the Guess Who contest last week. I took the picture at a mini waterfall I passed when I was taking my GS home to Iowa this summer. There were two swans and I just think they are beautiful birds and I was lucky enough to get a couple pictures of them.
Well that's all I have for today. Remember Backup! Backup! Backup!
Till next time take care and have fun!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I Received Another Great Award!

Last week I was given another great award!!
I received a special award from a wonderful scrapper and designer from DSO Livia Thank you Livia for this award.The award comes with this text:
"A todas nos encanta los blogs, en la mayoría sus objetivos son mostrar las maravillas y hacer amistades; hay personas que no se interesan cuando les damos un premio y desta manera contribuyen a cortar esos lazos; ¿queremos que se corten o se propaguen?Entonces tratemos de prestar mas atención a ellos! Debemos entregarlo a 8 blogger's que deben hacer lo mismo y poner el texto."

I went to get the translation for this from Yahoo's Babel Fish and this is what it says:

" To all blogs enchants to us, in the majority their objectives are to show the wonders and to make friendships; there are people who are not interested when we give a prize them and desta way contributes to cut those bows; we want that they are cut or they propagate? Then we try to pay but attention to them! We must give it to 8 blogger' s that must do the same and put texto."

Now I must pass this on to 8 people whose friendship I cherish and who have given to so many their talents. Because I am so new at this I don't have all of 8 people to send it to whom I have developed personal friendships with, but I have some whose blogs I visit their blogs regularly and they are so generous with their freebies and talents and they have touched my life and I want to award them for that. So this is a combination of good friends and those whom I admire thier talents. Michelle, Jazzieal, Kim, Bunny, Vanessa, Silvia, and Doodle .
Now for some LO's I have just finished. The first one is my great nephew. I was learning some new techniques again and I turned his photo into a sketch. I am really happy with the results.

The kit I used is called "Grateful4u" which was a kit I received for being a part of Kimb's CT team. A bunch of designers got together and made this huge mega kit in appreciation to their CT team members. It is an absolutely gorgeous kit and I thank each and every one of them for creating this for us. There are so many wonderful things you can do with this kit. The frame and brush is from Katie Pertiet, and the tutorial I used is from Cassie Jones-both are found at Designer Digitals. The wordart is from a very talented friend Jazzieal from her "Sweet Baby" set at DSO. She sells her designs exclusively at

This next one I had fun with. My daughter has two cats and they are a hoot to watch. This one is Charlie and he just loves crawling into the weirdest places. Just look at his cute little comfort zones.

I used a really cute kit from Michelle at Crafty Scraps called "Frisky" It's the perfect cutsie kit I needed for these photos. Michelle has some really awesome kits-you should go check out her store and her blog. She gives out some awesome kits as freebies. The wordart is from Jazzieal. She comes up with some perfect phrases for your pages. This one is from her "Here Kitty" set at DSO. You should go visit her blog too-she always has some really awesome freebies to offer you.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Time Flies When You're Having Fun!!

WOW! Time sure flies when you are having fun. The days just zoom by anymore and I get lost in them!!hahaha! Well I have had some good days and some bad days this last week, but I keep moving forward. Busy weekend. Had a birthday party and a wedding on Saturday. Had fun at both, but didn't stay out late.

First of all I have received two different blog awards and I need to forward them on to some others. This is the first one I received from Jazzieal at Wordstodelite, thank you so much Jazzy you are so thoughtful and sweet and I love you to pieces.

Now the rules are: 1. The winner gets to put the award on her blog. 2. You must link back to the one that sent it to you. 3. I need to forward this to 7 people whose blogs I love and links on my blog to theirs. 4. Leave a comment on the blogs of the girls you picked letting them know where to pick it up. That's all you have to do. The problem is I don't know 7 people with blogs that haven't already received this--so if you have received this before just know that I too love your blog!!!

1. Carena a fellow scrapper I met at SBM and a very talented designer!!

2. Vanessa another fellow scrapper I met at SBM and she loves giving freebies out of things she creates.

3. Scrapbrat also know as Moonfairy. Another very talented scrapper and designer that I met on SBM.

4. Evee has the most intriguing blog. I just love reading her stories on her blog. She is a very talented writer.

5. Crystall's Creations, I originally met her on SBM but she is a very active participant at DSO as well. She loves giving freebies out and she has a great personality.

6. Livia a very creative designer at DSO. Love her blog!

7. CraftyScraps she is an awesome designer and a great friend! She has received this award many times-but I couldn't resist sending it off to her as well.

I could name more but I tried to find some that I loved who haven't received it yet. Please go visit their blogs-I am sure you will love their blogs as I do.

Here's the next very "Sweet" award. I received this from my good friend Jazzy too. Thank you Jazzy-but it is you that I should be sending it to because you are one of the sweetest people I know. This award was started by Mojo and you should go to her blog to see what the award is all about.
Now the rules on this are easy. Send it to 1 or 100 people you want to praise for their sweet personalities.

1. Kim because she is soooo sweet and caring and always makes me smile. I know that she will get this award over and over.

2. Moonbeam because she is a very caring generous designer whom I CT'd for first. You can find her at SBM (scrapbookMax!)

3. Michelle because she is always there to help me with anything and everything. She helped me with my blog and sooooo many other things. She's been through so much with her health issues but yet is always in good spirits. We can all learn a thing or two from her on life. Love ya girl!

4. These next few are all from SBM and have always been there for me and so many others with their wonderful encouraging words and praise. Crops--I Love you girl! You always make me laugh and you are so generous with your talents, Marion--your LO's are always gorgeous and I haven't heard a negative thought come from you. Granny-you are the backbone of SBM and your humor is one of a kind and I love ya!! Eye-she makes so many many things that she shares with everyone everyday. Fiona-a very talented designer and free spirit, she can always lift your spirits. Melanie (o2bngoodhope) for her sweet words and awesome LO's!!! Her LO's are so creative and I can't wait to see what she will come up with next. And please forgive me for not mentioning everyone that I would love to give praise to for making the scrapbooking community a better place to be--but I don't have enough room to praise everyone. Some day I will have to make an award to hand out to all of them.

And I don't want to forget about dear Bunny Cates from DSO. I just love her blog and her humor. She is one beautiful crazy lady and I love her!!

Well that's it on the award scene. Now I have a couple of LO's to share and a freebie.

Today I am going to showcase a couple of Michelle's freebie kits. The first one is made from her "A little Spooky" which she is giving away as a freebie on her blog.

Here is a preview of the kit.

Next one is from her freebie kit "Stone Washed". I also used Jazzieal's "Sweet Baby" wordart which you can find here.
This is my first great grandchild. Can you believe that I am a great-grandmother already. YUP!! And our second great-grandchild was born this Saturday and she's a real cutie too. So look for some LO's of her too in the near future. Here is a preview of the kit. And Michelle gave me permission to give away the QP of my LO. So here is the QP preview. and you can pick up the QP here:
Well it's time to say goodbye. Till next time take care and have fun.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Sorry for going missing! Last week was an extremely bad week, and I am still feeling pretty down. We had two unexpected deaths in our family last week. First a very close dear friend and family member (our son's father-in-law) passed away suddenly Weds night. It was quite unexpected and we are going to miss him dearly. He was a great guy and would do anything for you--not to mention he had a great sense of humor. We spent quite a bit of time with him through the years and it won't be the same without him. Than Thursday morning we received a call telling us that one of our nieces passed away unexpectedly as well. She was only 25. She suffered from sleep apnia and passed in her sleep. She lives in Washington and we are unable to make it to the funeral, but sent our sincere sympathies to the family. This is why I have been MIA the last week. We had some out of state family staying with us this weekend too, but I was able to get a couple of LO's done. It helps me to work on LO's and keep my mind off the pain I am feeling. The first LO I would like to post is of our son's Father-in-law having fun with the grandchildren. He is in the bottom picture, and he was enjoying the day with family at a company picnic last year. I used Michelle McCoy's kit "Beary Cherry" which can be found at her store here.
Now for some gooood news. Kim Broedelet has a new kit up for sale. It is sooooo pretty. Here are the previews of the new kit "Spring Passion".

Here is the LO I made from her kit. It is a picture of a rose that my dear honey bought me for my birthday 2 years ago. I used Jazzy's WA from her Nature set. The frame is an action by Wendyzine called cut and cluster.

Kim is offering a freebie sampler for all of you. You can get it on her blog. Here is the preview of her freebie. So go to Kim's blog and pick up this cute sampler.

I would also love to show you the LO Jazzy made from Kim's kit.

And Jazzy made the frame and wordart to go with her kit and she is offering it for free on her blog. So if you would love to have it head over there and pick it up. While you are there give her blog a read--she is a very talented designer and friend.
Well I have to get going now. Till next time take care and have fun!!

Monday, September 1, 2008


Well it sure has been a busy week for me!! Sorry I haven't posted all week-but things have just been so hectic and I didn't really have any LO's made so I didn't have anything to share with you. But I am back this week and there is lots to show you. I had a three day weekend because of Labor Day and believe me I am loving it!!!! I have spent a lot of time on my computer this weekend and finally got some LO's done. But I will get to that a little later.
We had two of our granddaughters over night Friday night and I had lots of fun with them. They are so funny! After playing with them for about 2 1/2 hours straight I was looking for some reprieve.LOL! We went outside and I watched as they built some fun little things with wooden blocks-they love to be outside. Than we came in and of course I have the singing bears so we have to turn on the singing bears-all 4 of them-and than we sing and dance around the living room. PLUS the tv is on with cartoons-so you can imagine the little music show we had going on.hahaha! But after about 2 1/2 hours of entertaining the two I ask my honey when do they get ready and go to bed? He says not until about 8:30-9:00! Well it's only 7:30 and I'm whooped! Not to mention I want to get on my computer!LOL! So I get their jammies on and we settle down and watch Scooby Doo! Well about 8:30 I say it's time to go to bed now and I take the younger one Brooke in by Grandpa and she gets in bed with him and settles in-well the older one, Paige announces that she is staying up for a little while yet with Grandma. Grandpa says only for a LITTLE while so we come back and start watching some more cartoons-and all of a sudden here comes Brooke with her happy little butt coming back out too!LOL! Now I have both in my lap watching tv. Well 9:00 comes and they both go to bed and finally I have some time to myself to get on computer.YIPPEE! I no sooner turn on the puter and I am sooooo tired I can't keep me eyes open-so I shut her down and off to bed I go too!hahaha! I love our grandchildren to pieces, but they sure wear this old lady out!!!

Now for some LO's. This first LO I made for the weekly challenge at ScrapbookMax last week. We had to make a LO using at least 10 pix and this is what I came up with.
I used Deanne Gow-Smith's (Moonbeam) kit "Azure" for this. You can find it here. Deanne has some really beautiful things in her store. She is very artistic and draws a lot of her things by hand.
DSO has some personal use grab bags up for sale starting today. Below is Kimb's and Jazzy's.
The personal use grab bags are on sale for one week only!! So head on over there and pick them up-they are well worth it.
This one is my dear DIL and I made this using the goodies in Kim Broedelet's new personal use grab bag on sale at DSO starting today. You can pick it up for only $3.00 for one week only!
I used Jazzy's wordart on this one from her personal use bag at DSO. This is made with a kit by Julie Mead a guest designer at scrappers guide for the month of August. The kit is "Timeless Classics" which was given free to premier members. Just a little plug for Scrappers Guide. If you become a premier member every month you get a tutorial for photoshop and a free kit. Every month they feature a different designer and one of her kits.
OH! In case anyone wants to know-that is me sitting on my dad's lap many many years ago.LOL! Well that's it for today.

Till next time take care and have fun!!