Monday, September 15, 2008

Time Flies When You're Having Fun!!

WOW! Time sure flies when you are having fun. The days just zoom by anymore and I get lost in them!!hahaha! Well I have had some good days and some bad days this last week, but I keep moving forward. Busy weekend. Had a birthday party and a wedding on Saturday. Had fun at both, but didn't stay out late.

First of all I have received two different blog awards and I need to forward them on to some others. This is the first one I received from Jazzieal at Wordstodelite, thank you so much Jazzy you are so thoughtful and sweet and I love you to pieces.

Now the rules are: 1. The winner gets to put the award on her blog. 2. You must link back to the one that sent it to you. 3. I need to forward this to 7 people whose blogs I love and links on my blog to theirs. 4. Leave a comment on the blogs of the girls you picked letting them know where to pick it up. That's all you have to do. The problem is I don't know 7 people with blogs that haven't already received this--so if you have received this before just know that I too love your blog!!!

1. Carena a fellow scrapper I met at SBM and a very talented designer!!

2. Vanessa another fellow scrapper I met at SBM and she loves giving freebies out of things she creates.

3. Scrapbrat also know as Moonfairy. Another very talented scrapper and designer that I met on SBM.

4. Evee has the most intriguing blog. I just love reading her stories on her blog. She is a very talented writer.

5. Crystall's Creations, I originally met her on SBM but she is a very active participant at DSO as well. She loves giving freebies out and she has a great personality.

6. Livia a very creative designer at DSO. Love her blog!

7. CraftyScraps she is an awesome designer and a great friend! She has received this award many times-but I couldn't resist sending it off to her as well.

I could name more but I tried to find some that I loved who haven't received it yet. Please go visit their blogs-I am sure you will love their blogs as I do.

Here's the next very "Sweet" award. I received this from my good friend Jazzy too. Thank you Jazzy-but it is you that I should be sending it to because you are one of the sweetest people I know. This award was started by Mojo and you should go to her blog to see what the award is all about.
Now the rules on this are easy. Send it to 1 or 100 people you want to praise for their sweet personalities.

1. Kim because she is soooo sweet and caring and always makes me smile. I know that she will get this award over and over.

2. Moonbeam because she is a very caring generous designer whom I CT'd for first. You can find her at SBM (scrapbookMax!)

3. Michelle because she is always there to help me with anything and everything. She helped me with my blog and sooooo many other things. She's been through so much with her health issues but yet is always in good spirits. We can all learn a thing or two from her on life. Love ya girl!

4. These next few are all from SBM and have always been there for me and so many others with their wonderful encouraging words and praise. Crops--I Love you girl! You always make me laugh and you are so generous with your talents, Marion--your LO's are always gorgeous and I haven't heard a negative thought come from you. Granny-you are the backbone of SBM and your humor is one of a kind and I love ya!! Eye-she makes so many many things that she shares with everyone everyday. Fiona-a very talented designer and free spirit, she can always lift your spirits. Melanie (o2bngoodhope) for her sweet words and awesome LO's!!! Her LO's are so creative and I can't wait to see what she will come up with next. And please forgive me for not mentioning everyone that I would love to give praise to for making the scrapbooking community a better place to be--but I don't have enough room to praise everyone. Some day I will have to make an award to hand out to all of them.

And I don't want to forget about dear Bunny Cates from DSO. I just love her blog and her humor. She is one beautiful crazy lady and I love her!!

Well that's it on the award scene. Now I have a couple of LO's to share and a freebie.

Today I am going to showcase a couple of Michelle's freebie kits. The first one is made from her "A little Spooky" which she is giving away as a freebie on her blog.

Here is a preview of the kit.

Next one is from her freebie kit "Stone Washed". I also used Jazzieal's "Sweet Baby" wordart which you can find here.
This is my first great grandchild. Can you believe that I am a great-grandmother already. YUP!! And our second great-grandchild was born this Saturday and she's a real cutie too. So look for some LO's of her too in the near future. Here is a preview of the kit. And Michelle gave me permission to give away the QP of my LO. So here is the QP preview. and you can pick up the QP here:
Well it's time to say goodbye. Till next time take care and have fun.


Jazzy said...

Hi girl..lovc your layouts..and michelle is so good about giving away those kits..that one is a beauty..thanks for the qp..I have lots of boys pics to use that one for..oh and hey..I didnt know you were a great gradma are holding out on me...gotta go..hugs and love u..

Kim B said...

AWWWW- Paula sweets- it's you that's the sweety pie- I just hide my horns well- LOL
Thanks so much for the honour of this award and I agree with every other one you have nominated too! They are a wonderful bunch of girls!
Love your LO's and that QP is just stunning-
Sending hugs

*Scrapbrat* said...

Paula,thanks so much for the award!Actually you should be getting another award just for having such a great blog!Love that QP and your layouts are simply beautiful!
Big Hugs

Anonymous said...

Thank you Paula. I don't what I deserve this honour, but thank you anyway for thinking of me. Love your layouts and your site looks awesome.


CJozzy said...
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CJozzy said...

oh, Paula you made my day! I love the music on your blog and you continue to have such great extractions and LO's too. Thank you so much for the I Heart your blog award. I will treasure it and now I have to pass it on to some peeps! Crystal

LiviaY said...

Hi Paula!
Thank you soooo much for the award!
So sweet of you...! Great blog, I'll be sure to come and visit you more often now that I found my way here... ;)
Love the layouts and the QP!

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 16 Sep [LA 12:00am, NY 02:00am, UK 07:00am, OZ 05:00pm] ).

Anonymous said...

Hey GF... just sneaking in to grab the QP....its adorable!!! Thanks!!!
Those bears are soooo CUTE!!!

xoxoxo ~crops

LiviaY said...

Hi Paula!

Me again... I have a little something for you on my blog as well! ;)