Monday, January 31, 2011


Well so much for being able to keep on track with my New Years Resolutions!! :( Shortly after my last post I fell and shattered my ankle. OUCH! I went out to shovel some snow about 2 weeks ago and slipped on the ice-as I was trying to catch my balance I felt my ankle crack, crack, and crunch and down I went. It hurt so bad. Any ways I have been out of work now for 2 weeks and I can’t put any weight whatsoever on that ankle. They had to put in 10 screws and 1 plate to fix it. There is a bone that goes down the inside of your ankle, and one down the outside of your ankle and than the one in the back of the ankle to support the heel. Well I broke all three—not just one or two but all three. I go to the Doctor on Weds. and than I will know more about what I can and can’t do—and hopefully get back to work soon. It’s very hard for me to get around like this, and I can’t imagine how I would get around at work the way things are now. But I am supposed to get a walking cast, I’m just not sure when yet, and when I get that I should be good to go. I thought well since I am laid up here I can get some scrapping done—nope—after sitting for a little bit my ankle would just throb with pain, and the only way to keep it comfortable was to lay in bed with it elevated. Even tho I sat in the recliner keeping it elevated, that didn’t work well. But now it’s not so bad and I can sit in the recliner with my lappy and do things, BUT now my internet is acting up and it’s like having dial up instead fast internet and I can’t load any pages or download anything without taking hours to do so. Nothing worse than being laid up and not being able to do what I want on the internet~:(

MScraps had there 1st year birthday bash this weekend and it is still going on today. Lots of games and challenges and a huge blog train too. I have tried participating all weekend and my internet is not cooperating, so hopefully all of you can still take advantage of all the fun over there. Congrats MScraps on your first year in business and wishing you many more. :)

Here are a couple of pictures to show you what they did to repair my ankle.

SAMSUNG            SAMSUNG            A00151F01

This last picture shows you the three bones that go to the ankle and I broke all of them. Well I just wanted to pop in to let you know what happened and why I haven’t posted in three weeks.

I will be back with some exciting news and a freebie soon. :)

Till next time have fun and be safe.