Monday, October 20, 2008

New WA Set

Hi everyone! Well if you follow my blog you will see that I gave Crops an award last week and she has done me the honor of giving it back to me. She's a real card and you gotta love her!! Thanks Crops--I feel honored to have received the heart award twice!

Well I have a new LO for you showcasing a new wordart set by Inspired Mommie Designs called Love Song Overlays. There are 4 overlays to the set. You can find the set at Pretty Scrappy. Go check it out and look at some of her other wordart too while you are there. Everything else on the LO is from Kim Broedelet. I used a paper from her stone accents paper set, and embellishments from her kit heartfelt and the frame is from her Leafy Cluster set. You can get all of these exclusively at DSO.

This is my dear sweet honey. He sure does clean up good don't he!!hahahaha! I really love that crooked smile of his.

I was also playing a bit this weekend and I have a freebie frame for everyone--if you want it that is. You can get it here.

Well that's it for today. Short post and I am not sure that I will get back on here again this week. I have to work some overtime at work to make sure that I have things done so I can go to Iowa and see our new great-granddaughter on Thurs. So I will be gone from Thursday-Sunday or Monday spending time with the grandkids and our new great granddaughter! I will be sure to get lots of pictures too. So till next time take care and have fun!!


Melanie said...

GREAT-granddaughter? Why didn't I pick up on that before? You're not old enough to be a GREAT-grandmother, although I'm sure you're a Great Grandma! Just ask your grandkids. And of course, you deserve the heart award twice. You have twice the heart of most people. Don't work too hard. We'll miss you when you're gone! Give her an extra big hug and kiss.

Carol said...

Your funny.....LOVE those frames!!! I knew you had it in ya to design something wonderful!!! Gonna snag those babies tonight, I got so much stuff to do today, but I wanted to stop by, say HI and off shopping I go...Have a great time with those kids, get some rest before ya go....hahaha your gonna need all your strength to keep up with those grandkids! LOL
Talk to ya soon!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

clubiani said...

beautiful frame! thanks for sharing